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The seminars of the Association

Arte bianca. A Zagabria (e Sisak) la cultura e lo stile italiani

Arte bianca 2022: Due Masterclass di Federico Anzellotti in occasione della Settimana della Cucina Italiana

Masterclass a Zagabria e Sisak

Discover the news in the confectionery sector
"Federico Anzelloti, teacher in the laboratories of Interslast experts, taught young people the secrets of traditional Italian sweets and how to incorporate innovative trends into traditional recipes" ..

Particularly noteworthy is the participation of the eminent pastry chef Federico Anzellotti (fifth pastry chef in the world), president of the PASTRY & CULTURE ITALIAN STYLE ETS Association, who will hold 2 workshops and show how to make the most modern cakes and pastries in the world! - underlines Stjepan Odobašić, director of the Zagreb daily Robinson, who is the organizer of Interslast.

There is a lot of interest in the eleventh edition of the Pastry Congress scheduled for October 18th at Terme di Tuhelj. I certainly recall the presence of Federico Anzellotti

At this year's "Interslast" congress, the greatest Italian expert Federico Anzellotti, president of the PASTY & CULTURE ITALIAN STYLE ETS association, will hold two thematic workshops - masterclasses with the participation of various Italian companies, which will present innovative products and technologies.

This year's 11th International Pastry, Ice Cream and Pastry Congress "Interslast" will be held on 18 October 2022 in Tuheljski Toplice, in the "Well" hotel, as the first "live" edition after the pandemic.

The master pastry chef Anzellotti guest of Interslast, the 11th international pastry congress

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