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The beauty of taste

The book "La Bellezza del Gusto", was born from the collaboration between the Master Pastry Chef Federico Anzellotti, director in charge of P&C Italian Style srl and president of the P&C Italian Style ETS Association , and by the ICE-Agency , (agency for the promotion of abroad and the internationalization of Italian companies).  


As part of the activity envisaged by the Technological Partnership Project in Peru financed by the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) and Foreign Affairs in support of the agri-food sector - a new promotional tool was created.


Hence the desire to meet the needs of numerous production companies  Peruvian - both of the acquisition of process technologies and of product promotion  - with the complementary Italian confectionery and coffee food processing sectors.

This guide offers an in-depth technical knowledge of the characteristics and specificities of Peruvian coffee and cocoa varieties, so as to allow  Italian counterparts to express their preferences for raw materials and offer technological solutions to guarantee the best quality for each type of use.


To this goal is added another: to satisfy the demand of a consumer  attentive not only to taste, but also to the sustainability of the product, from its methods  of cultivation up to the protection of the exceptional Peruvian biodiversity. This guide has also been produced in a digital format to be easily consulted by all actors, Peruvians and  Italians, from the cocoa coffee industries, in the three languages: Italian, Spanish, English.


Sweet Italy
A journey to taste

This project, carried out by the Master Pastry Chef Federico Anzellotti , during his experience as ambassador of Italian pastry in Expo-Milan 2015, carried out with the collaboration of the Veronesi Foundation and the support of a precious group of sponsors.

This book is not just a simple recipe book but represents a real "journey to taste".

It wants to be a long journey between the Italian regions, through pastry and ice cream specialties, linked to the territory and popular culture, with an international perspective and marrying the cocoa producing countries.

A tool for disseminating made in Italy, a story of cultural and confectionery testimonies and an indelible trace of a great project, of a sector made up of professionals, raw materials and specialized and guaranteed equipment.

This explains the reason for the double language (Italian-English) of the book.

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